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Trump expands the geography of threats: as the election hover over on the mind

China is nervous; the dollar is growing; Europe starts bidding with Trump. The markets are very active autumn. On Friday, the attention of large investors was focused on the negotiations on NAFTA, so the reaction of the markets to sharp increase in wages in the US turned out to be weak. N... Read more

Duties as Samurai's sword: the dollar repays summer debts

As a rule, the return of large investors to the markets in September after the Labor Day of the USA marks the beginning of a strong trend. Let`s consider the main painful points. USA + Mexico − Canada? Canada remained one on one with the southern neighbor. Blackmail hasn't helped Trump: ... Read more

Global impeachment and its «friends»

The main drive in the market is provided by Trump for whom Mueller prepares the next bomb. Australia has replaced the Prime Minister, and Britain looks for money for «a rigid divorce». FRS has highly appreciated dynamics of economy and completely supports policy of slow increase in rates.... Read more

Trump's epidemic: front reports support panic

The collapse in the market of oil has interrupted the growth of the S&P 500 index. The rally of the dollar to Turkish lira ricochets on the adjacent markets. Trade expansion of the USA broadens the base. Today's markets had to make the choice between war and a shame. Europe has chosen a s... Read more

All quiet on the western front: war of nerves continues

China with a problem of the growing yuan is in the center of attention, Trump with new duties, Italy with the new budget. The parties accumulate forces for the new attacks. Let`s remember the main events before the main military review: The meeting of FRS was unremarkable, there were no ... Read more